The ambiguity



We all live on this beautiful and miraculously gifted planet, which we proudly call Earth. If, we put this fact in a scientific manner then we can say that the life forms that exist on this planet are due to its perfectly balanced condition like atmosphere, temperature, distance from the sun etc. Everything is fine till we call the planet we live on as Earth, but my curiosity increases when the word ‘WORLD’ pops up in relation with our existence. I wonder how people differentiate world and earth. Earth is the planet we live on, which is a part of our solar system, which in turn is a part of a galaxy, amongst those infinite galaxies that constitute this Universe. Then what is world? Why do people say ‘it’s my world’, why not it’s my universe, or it’s my galaxy may be.

To understand this, we begin with the meaning or the definition of the words. Earth refers to a celestial body or a planet in the solar system that revolves around the sun. On the other hand the word world can be a small area, a continent, the human society, or anything. Even earth can be referred to as world; it just depends upon the point of view of an individual, or the condition being referred. In reality, planet earth exists in space and time but the world does not. Therefore, does it mean that actually world does not exist and we have been lounging over a meaningless word. The very idea of non-existence of the only escape, an answer to all the criticism and references, would freak every soul on this planet. Fortunately, we don’t have to panic for the world exits in not in our consciousness but in our sub-conscious of which we are aware. I believe it is so because our mind needs a simpler definition of planet to think, act, and react. In order to understand it with full transparency, we need to switch from the scientific perspective to a more emotional and religious perspective.

The true existence of world depends upon the true existence of god. If god exists then world also exists and if the world exists, then all our excuses are explained. Let us say that god different worlds. For every person, the acceptation and perception of the things that they see around is different. A person living in Japan experiences sunrise while his American counterpart would be sleeping or at without the Sun. They both live on the same planet but in one’s world its light while other’s is dark. However, we could say that, the rotation of earth causes it. What about their emotions? The Earth’s rotation does not influence their emotions; it only changes the physical conditions. Even if the American went and stood beside his Japanese counterpart, the chance of him experiencing similar feelings is meagre. It is because they see their surroundings in a different manner. They react to things in a varying manner and it is applicable, not only to the human beings but to every living soul on this planet. We can’t change our planet and go onto some other one but we can bring about changes in our world. We can choose whether to smoke or not. We can choose to jump off a mountain or hide underneath our beds, the whole life. God gave each of us our own world to create, to fill it with people, and emotions. It is up to us how we create our world. We are free to choose our surroundings, the people, the habits and it all differs for each of us. Maybe that is why it’s said ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. To one what looks ugly might turn out to be the most beautiful sight for the other. It’s a system with infinite randomness and chances, which supports our lives. Gives us hope to live, courage to fight, evolution to survive. Therefore, you can brag about freely saying ‘It’s my world’ but remember that ‘With freedom comes responsibility’.

Now you must be thinking why I did such a painstaking job of typing so many words just to explain a phrase. Well I believe I am free to do whatever I want-‘It’s my world’.


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